Paper packaging

With the growing interest in more environmentally friendly packaging solutions and the search for alternatives to plastic and foam, paper packaging is becoming increasingly popular. At Baltic Printing House, we produce a variety of paper packages for your products. From all-purpose boxes in various sizes to custom-made packaging and inserts that provide reliable protection for your products during transportation.

Production of versatile paper packaging

Paper packaging is widely used for transporting and storing products and protecting them from the sun. The different types of packaging allow you to choose the best solution for your products. From tiny packages for cosmetics to packaging for the largest household appliances, everything can be reliably and safely packed in paper packaging.

Standard boxes are usually used for packing shipments. Typically, companies purchase several boxes in different formats so they can choose the best size for each shipment. In this case, fillers are used for the free space left in the box so that the items inside do not break or get damaged.

If your company produces unusually shaped products, we can offer a tailor-made packaging solution specifically for your goods. Packaging tailored to the specific dimensions of your product – such as a box for a perfume bottle or packaging for sweets, honey, medicines, etc. – will protect your product well so your customers receive an undamaged product in nice, eco-friendly packaging.

Environmentally friendly paper packaging for your products

For a long time, expanded polystyrene foam and plastic dominated the packaging market, since it is light, cheap and resistant to environmental factors. However, these advantages – especially resistance to environmental factors – are now considered a disadvantage. Paper packaging is also light and relatively inexpensive, but unlike plastic packaging, it decomposes quickly in compost or even when it is accidentally released into the environment as rubbish.

While the topic of the environment is becoming increasingly popular, and recycling and reusing items is the new fashion, most packaging is still only used once. However, the environmental impact of plastic and paper is very different – for example, paper decomposes in two to six weeks, while plastic, depending on its type, takes anywhere from 20 to 500 years. Obviously, reducing environmental impact is the responsibility of everyone – both companies and individuals – which is why we implemented ISO 14001 back in 2008. Global practice shows that compliance with the guidelines of this standard can reduce a company’s environmental impact by 20-30%.

Custom paper packaging

We produce various packages for companies according to individual orders. That means that we can offer your company a practical and sturdy design solution for the packaging itself, as well as formatting services so that the packaging includes the required labelling, logo, advertising material, and so on.

Our experienced designers can create a design specifically for your products, so that the packaging allows you to package your product in a way that both looks nice and keeps the contents safe. Our ongoing wholesale activities have helped us refine our production processes, so that the path from packaging design to the final product is smooth and simple. Orders for large quantities allow for an attractive quality-price ratio.

Some 20 years of experience in the printing, packaging and other paper products market is the best proof of the quality of our work. We are constantly improving our processes, searching for the best solutions, and looking into new, greener alternatives. Our strength is our flexibility in terms of order size and quality. Therefore, we can always offer creative packaging production solutions that are right for you, and implement even your most original ideas. If you’re not sure that we’ll be able to produce the packaging you need – contact us!