Boxes with print

 Few businesses that produce and sell something can get by without some sort of packaging. The most popular and easily adaptable packages are boxes of different sizes. At Baltic Printing House, we produce and sell various designs and sizes of paper and cardboard boxes, from tiny boxes for medicines to large cardboard boxes for furniture, household items or food. And not just boxes – we can also produce them with whatever print you need: your logo, advertising information, embossing or even Braille.

Production of various packing boxes

Packing boxes can be used for protecting products from environmental factors, for preparing products for safe transportation, or simply for putting together a basket of different products or several pieces of the same product.

We produce cardboard and paper boxes of various sizes and shapes. Paper and cardboard are an easy material to work with – you can cut it into whatever shape you want, glue the cut-out at different angles and fold it to tailor it to the shape of the product. This is why cardboard boxes are often the choice for packaging various types of gifts, handmade souvenirs and unique bottles.

Boxes can be just about any size, and once the design is put together, large packaging runs can be easily produced. This makes them perfect for companies engaged in wholesale. They can be used to package everything from household appliances, household items, parts, blanks and construction goods to various food products, such as snacks, beverages, food and baked goods.

Custom cardboard boxes

We have been in the printing and packaging business for almost 20 years, so we have accumulated a lot of experience that will help us offer you a suitable, efficient and fast packaging solution. In addition to standard square or rectangular boxes, we also produce a variety of custom packaging.

Our specialists can design a box just for you. This can be a neutral, standard cardboard box for shipments and transportation, or promotional packaging for presenting goods. Both the inside and the outside of the box can be designed and produced with colour or black and white print. The outside of the box is usually printed with logos, promotional material and product information (e.g. ingredients, instructions for use). If the customer wishes, we can also produce packaging with a window so that the contents are visible. The inside of the box is often printed with promotional material, which is useful if your products are displayed with the packaging in shops. In this case, the inside of the box can be printed in colour with information about the product and its properties, thus acting as advertising when the box is opened.

If you’re looking for packaging that stands out, we can use offset printing or laminate your boxes with UV varnish or the laminate of your choice. We can also decorate them with embossing or silkscreen printing. For those looking for solutions for pharmaceutical packaging, we can also provide the required Braille labelling.


Wholesale of paper boxes

We work regularly with companies of all sizes that need larger quantities of packaging at a time. Therefore, large quantities and high quality products are the standard of our work. We do everything ourselves – from layouts to print preparation to printing, cutting and folding. This allows us to oversee the process from start to finish and ensure high quality.

We are happy to coordinate the packaging model and other details online or by phone, so you can always contact us in the way that is convenient for you to discuss everything, and then view the prepared layouts without even leaving your workplace. We focus on wholesale box production, which is why we can always offer the best price to our customers.