Furniture assembly instructions

We can offer packaging for your products from A to Z! At Baltic Printing House, we produce various boxes and partitions, as well as bags for goods small and large. We also print instructions and user manuals for the furniture, household appliances and household items that our customers produce. That means that we can offer you a full service package, from customised corrugated cardboard packaging for your product to printed instructions or other necessary information.

User guides: formatting and printing

When you choose us, printing instructions is simple and easy. Our specialists who have years of experience can provide you with advice and solutions. For example, they can format your text, select the best paper, and print, fold and staple your instructions.

We print instructions and information leaflets in Lithuanian (with proper diacritics), as well as in various foreign languages. We can print individual leaflets, additional safety instructions, assembly diagrams, or large, comprehensive user manuals. In addition to printing instructions, we can also offer our customers a wide range of other paper products. Various forms and letterheads are some of our most popular items. We can design and print letterheads with your company logo and other promotional material. We can also print medical forms, CMR notes, invoice forms, drug annotations or cash receipt and disbursement vouchers on carbonless copy paper.

Bulk print of various instructions

The most popular instructions we print are for furniture assembly or other products. Instructions and leaflets are needed for office furniture such as tables and chairs, as well as for various other furniture – cabinets, chests of drawers, beds and so on. We bulk print these types of instructions with efficiency and quality. Of course, it is also important that the cost per piece is as low as possible. We can offer customers an excellent quality-price ratio because we use a web-fed printer designed for wholesale printing. After preparing the initial layout, printing large volumes of various instructions, diagrams and so on is extremely simple and fast.

For the good of our planet – we print on recycled paper

The environmental aspect is becoming increasingly important for customers when they choose goods or services. Therefore, we print instructions, user manuals and other bulk information publications on 100% recycled paper so you can offer your customers a more environmentally friendly option.

The recycled paper we use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is a global initiative that focuses on forest conservation, reforestation and responsible use (controls excessive deforestation). And not only does the FSC regulate deforestation or reforestation – it also regulates the rights of people working in the paper production chain (from deforestation to paper recycling). By choosing this paper, we know that fair working conditions were ensured for the workers involved in its production, and that the recycled or newly produced paper had less of an impact on the region’s forests than the use of paper without this certificate.         In order to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution and the reduction of our own environmental impact as a company, we implemented ISO 14001 back in 2008. This is an international standard that allows for an effective systematic approach to environmental protection within a business and promotes the circular economy. It regulates operational control and helps integrate environmental aspects into the business development strategy. Experience in other countries shows that compliance with this standard alone reduces environmental impact by about 20-30%.