Food packaging

We produce various paper packages for food packaging, transportation and storage. Paper packaging is made to order, so we will customise it according to your wishes. If the packaging is intended for selling the product, we can design a box with a window to allow buyers to see what is inside. If the packaging is for take-away food, we can produce something with compartments and a reliable closure. The packaging we produce is safe and suitable for direct contact with food. Take a look at the packages we offer and contact us so we can agree on the packages you need!

 Disposable packaging for food take-away

Packages for take-away food are usually disposable. In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste, we suggest producing take-away packaging from paper. Environmentally friendly paper packaging allows us to offer customers the best balance of ecology and quality. The packaging we produce is strong and reliable, and we can offer boxes, baskets or bags in different sizes, depending on your needs. We can produce small boxes for individual food orders, as well as larger boxes which are practical for packing larger orders and orders for events. All of our food packaging is suitable for direct contact with food.

We produce packaging according to individual orders, so we offer both production and design services. We can print the food packaging you order with your logo, advertising material, contact details, or any other information you would like. The design and labelling can be adapted to the promotional material you already have and use.

Paper packaging for baked goods and beverages

Paper packaging is popular not only for food take-away, but also as packaging for other foods. As a packaging material, paper is convenient in that it is not heavy, so it is perfect for shipments and the transportation of goods. And packaging that is custom-made for your product can be not only practical, but also attractive.

Paper packaging is a popular choice for food such as cakes, pies and other sweets. We can offer a wide range of boxes for this type of food (with or without a window so the contents are visible). Boxed products can also be placed in paper bags decorated with your shop or bakery logo and other promotional materials. Paper packaging is also suitable for beverages. Packages with compartments are a popular choice for wine, beer or other beverages, when the bottles need to not only be packaged nicely, but also separated by an extra sheet of cardboard to keep them safe.

Packaging wholesale online

We have years of experience in the production of various types of paper packaging and bags, so we can offer your company a quality end product as well as valuable advice on choosing the right packaging style. You are welcome to contact us online or by phone to discuss what type of packaging you need. We will suggest possible solutions and comment on the pros and cons of each option. Our experienced designers will design the packaging you want with all of the necessary labelling or promotional information, and once you decide on the design you like, we will start printing. Bulk orders are what we do, so you can be sure that we’ll meet our commitments on time and your sales will not be disrupted by packaging that is late.

Different types of packaging, containers, boxes and bags custom made for your products or dishes are a practical and convenient solution! Choose greener packaging made of paper, and offer your customers the same high-quality packaging as that made of other, less sustainable, materials. Packing wine bottles and cakes or pies can be convenient and easy – all you need is a well-thought-out and practical solution for packing your specific product.