Inserts and spacers

Custom-made dividers are a way to easily, reliably and safely pack your goods or products. We have been producing various boxes and corrugated cardboard inserts for almost 20 years, so we know which solutions are the most practical and can offer an individualised solution for each different product.

Cardboard packaging and inserts

Cardboard sheets are an extremely versatile material – they can be folded and cut to make containers of the required shape and size. Standard rectangular boxes can be fitted with partitions for small jars, bottles or other types of goods. They can be both square, rectangular, or more elaborate – hexagonal and so on. In each case, we produce the inserts specifically for your product, so the custom-made packaging will be stable and reliable.

Corrugated cardboard has micro-flutes in its wall, so it absorbs shocks to the packaging and protects the product from environmental factors, instability and resulting damage. Corrugated cardboard sheets are a simple but reliable solution that will protect your products and give you peace of mind that your goods will reach your customer in excellent shape.

For boxes small and large

We produce inserts and dividers for your products by individual order, so the cardboard can be folded, cut and glued in the shape you want, and the size can be individually adapted to your product. We can also use paper, cardboard and other environmentally friendly materials to produce various spacers, dividers, protective corners, partitions, trays and other items. If you’re not sure that we’ll be able to produce what you need – contact us and we’ll try to find a solution together!

You can consult our specialists online, by phone or in any other way convenient for you. Wholesale of various paper packaging and packaging elements allows us to offer you a competitive price, and our years of experience in this field allow us to perform the work on time and with quality. We know what we’re doing and are we are happy to be able to offer our customers quality, environmentally friendly paper packaging.

Production of environmentally friendly packaging

Paper packaging and packaging elements are usually only used once. In order to reduce our environmental impact as a company and offer our customers eco-friendlier packaging solutions, we can use recycled paper to make your promotional material, leaflets, flyers, instructions and packaging.         We are also pleased that since 2008, the company has been following the ISO 14001 standard, which allows us to reduce the company’s environmental impact by 20-30% by optimising processes. This environmental standard promotes the circular economy and helps reduce pollution.