Corrugated cardboard

Different sized packages and partitions for them are usually made of corrugated cardboard. This is an environmentally friendly, durable and relatively cheap material that is extremely easy to shape: cut, fold and glue. These properties have made corrugated cardboard popular in a wide range of fields, from the packaging of small and light niche products to packaging for furniture, household appliances or other large products. Custom-made boxes and cardboard spacers or partitions for packaging are what we do, so we can advise you, propose the best solution, and produce the packaging you need.

Custom-made corrugated cardboard packaging

The terms ‘cardboard’ and ‘corrugated cardboard’ are often used interchangeably. However, it is important to emphasise that cardboard is a single-layer moisture-permeable material. As a result, cardboard sheets decompose faster when discarded, but for exactly the same reason, they are not as durable when packing heavy items and are less moisture-resistant. Sheets of corrugated cardboard or corrugated paper have at least two layers –one smooth and the other corrugated. Rolls of this material can be useful for packaging small, fragile products. It bends easily, making it easy to wrap round or irregularly shaped products to prevent them from being scratched or broken. Corrugated cardboard can also have three or more layers. The more layers, the stronger and more durable the packaging.

Even though packaging made of corrugated cardboard can be reliable and durable, it is not heavy, which is especially important for the transportation and storage of goods. Also important is that we make packaging for your company to order. This means that both the properties of the cardboard and the fact that it is custom-made will ensure the safety of your product. Boxes of various sizes can be made of corrugated paper sheets, and special partitions can be used to pack small goods, dividing the container into several parts. This makes it easy and safe to pack jars, glass bottles, mugs and similar products. The simple production process allows the packaging to be tailored to your product with great precision, thus protecting it from possible scratches, facilitating storage, and so on.

Advantages of corrugated cardboard packaging

Quality is guaranteed by the properties of corrugated cardboard itself: durability, environmental friendliness, price, and vast opportunities for individualising the packaging. Each of these properties is important when choosing packaging for your products, so the fact that corrugated cardboard has all of them is its biggest advantage.

Corrugated paper packages are more durable than paper or plain cardboard packages because the micro-flutes on the wall of the package – the corrugation – give them strength. Even a thin (e.g. 1.5 mm) wall will be more resistant to environmental factors than paper of the same thickness. Consisting of several layers, this type of cardboard will be more resistant to moisture.

There is also an important environmental aspect. Corrugated cardboard packaging is usually made from recycled paper or cardboard. Reusing already produced raw materials conserves the planet’s resources and contributes to maintaining sustainable businesses.

For companies ordering large quantities of packaging, price is an important factor when choosing the materials it is made from. Our experience in the wholesale of this type of packaging shows that we can offer our customers an excellent quality-price ratio.

Packages made of corrugated paper can be made in an extensive range of dimensions, and cut and glued to the desired shape. The cardboard can be folded to obtain a convex shape and adapt it to your individual product. The different types of the cardboard itself allow you to choose the most economical material for packaging fragile products.

We work with you to create less waste

Disposable packaging is often referred to as the scourge of our times, but each of us can still contribute to reducing the need for it by choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives. One such alternative is paper and cardboard packaging for your products.

Paper and cardboard decompose in nature much faster than their plastic alternatives. Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose, while paper decomposes in just six weeks. That’s why we are happy that we are able to offer our customers a variety of paper packaging.

We take care of the environment not only by producing eco-friendly packaging, but also by monitoring the processes inside our company. Since 2008, we have been following the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental standard. And for printing your various promotional materials (leaflets, booklets, instructions, etc.) we have 100% recycled paper that you can select.         Contact our team online, by phone or in any other way convenient for you so we can discuss what type of packaging you need. Corrugated cardboard boxes and other packaging are what we do, so we can offer advice as well as tried and tested solutions.