Pharmaceutical packaging

We have been producing packaging for medicines and other pharmaceutical products for years, so we know what customers are usually looking for and can offer practical and inexpensive solutions. We produce packaging for different medicines and medical goods from cardboard of various thickness. In addition to usual boxes for medicines, we can also offer printing services for various advertising or information stickers and box labels, drug annotation printing services, and the production of letterheads or invoice forms for your company.

Bulk pharmaceutical packaging

We have been in the printing and publishing business for almost two decades, so we definitely know what the difference is between the kind of packaging a bakery is looking for and the kind a pharmaceutical company is looking for. Our team is made up of professionals in their field, who will quickly propose a printing and layout solution that is right for you.

Custom production of boxes in various formats allows us to accommodate the different needs of our customers and create a package that is right for your product. Different types of packaging can be designed for packing the products themselves (e.g. small boxes for medicines) or for transporting consignments (e.g. a large quantity of pre-packaged medicine boxes).

Unlike other products, medical products also require special labelling. However, our extensive experience and constantly improving technologies allow us to fulfil your every wish. We can label the medicine boxes with the required logo and product information, and we are also able to provide Braille labelling.

From packaging to annotations

Wholesale of various paper and cardboard products allows us to offer a wide range of services to your pharmaceutical company. It is often more convenient to work with a single company to produce similar material for press and production. This saves both your time and ours in discussing design decisions. By regularly working together, agreeing on repeat design and conceptual solutions takes less time, and maintaining consistency when creating different products for the same company is easier.

Therefore, we not only provide packaging production services, but can also print drug annotations and format and print various medical forms according to your requirements, as well as delivery notes, letterheads, invoice forms and instructions.  

Eco-friendly print for medical goods

Unfortunately, most packaging is only used once. Although paper is a recyclable raw material, most people don’t have time to look into greener packaging and printing options in general on their own. If you, like us, care about the environment, then we suggest you become acquainted with the environmentally friendly printing options that we offer our customers.

We can print various instructions and drug annotations on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Paper that bear the FSC label is recycled or made with materials from well-managed forests. The certificate not only includes requirements for forest conservation, monitoring and reforestation, but also regulates the rights of people working in the paper production chain. We can print leaflets, flyers and other material on 100% recycled paper. By choosing this paper, you will be reducing the need to produce new paper and contributing to supporting sustainable paper producers.