Baltic printing house


“Baltic Printing House” UAB performs single printing works, and it also participates in ongoing publishing projects. We successfully cooperate with private companies and public institutions.

The company started specialising in publishing various methodical publications. Under the order of Education Development Centre, the following publications were released “Observation and Reflection in Childhood”, “Development of Pre-primary and Pre-school Education”, etc.

Ordered by Study Quality Assessment Centre: “Explanatory Dictionary of Study-Related Terms”, “Learning Despite Boarders”, “Methods of Creating Study Course Descriptions for Different Levels”.

More than 100 publications were released for Vilnius Technology and Design College, including “History of Lithuanian Photography in 1939–1989”, “Heritage of Cultural History” , “Technologies of Photography”, etc.

Ordered by Kaunas clinics: “Down’s Syndrome: Medical, Educational and Social Aspects”, “Myelomeningocele: Medical, Educational and Social Aspects”, “Cerebral Palsy: Medical, Educational and Social Aspects”.

Ordered by the Office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania: educational programme “Applying Evaluation Methods for Function Analysis and Budget Programs of Government Reporting Institutions”, “Methods of Forming and Applying Evaluation Criteria”, “Comparative Analysis of Evaluation Systems of Decision Impact in Foreign Countries”.

One of the most successful and solid projects is the package of 16 publications dedicated to Lithuanian schools that use a very modern and necessary innovation in their activity – emotional education programme “Teenage Crossroads”.